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"Spider" is Bob's AKA at the track. He is the field engineer and racer liason and also the Director of Operations at Cole Motorsports/CM racing products. He has been with Cole for 17 years.

He's the most knowledgeable person when it comes to tear off technical service.

Bob has worked with racing teams to develop the practicle multi-laminate tear off for racing and was the inovator for NASCAR teams to go to the full coverage tear off for windshields, this inovation improved safety for all the drivers.

He was instumental in developing the US Armies use of tear offs for ballistic glass.

A former Motocross Racer he now enjoys his spare time customizing motorcycles and his work has been featured in many motorcycle publications.

He resides in Beckley WV with his wife and two daughters.

Matt Taylor

Matt is our shop Manager and is in charge of the manufacturing here at CMS.

Matt Offers technical skills in manufacturing and is an all around good dude.

Matt is part of the design team and also programs our laser cutting system so that the client always recieves a high quality product.

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